Monday, January 21, 2013

a tribute to stevie nicks

feel like i've forgotten.. too many things. except for my love for stevie nicks. that dame will always be a bohemian rock goddess no matter what the year is. pretty sure that 'landslide' and 'rhiannon' were the first jams that really made me embrace being a woman. trying to channel my inner stevie right this second to keep on keeping on. thought i would ease myself back into the world with a simple blog post. and what better way to do so than with praising my admiration of songstress, badass, rock diva stevie nicks. 

girl's been through a lot....all while still maintaining poise, professionalism, staying true to herself, and doing what she loves. i feel like not many women in this day and age are able to play this out very well, or at all. 
How does she do it? 
image..image...image..imagine. everyday i feel like i was meant to live in a different era. time machine connects anyone? sign me up. stevie's persona emulates a strong, free, humble, independent, fierce swan of a woman who gets what she wants all while on her own terms. 

tough girl. tough ride.
Known for her long chiffon skirts, shawls, long blonde hair, layers of lace, platform boots, and dickens style top hat. Nicks style has exemplified her sense of mysticism, free spiritedness, and adds to her stage presence. Standing tall at 5'1" the girl's been rocking suede platform boots since the 70's. Particularly in maroon, beige, black, and cognac hues. 

getting glam, rocking the dickens top hat with s-t-y-l-e.
also known for her jewels, stevie doesn't set foot on stage without her moon pendants. her wrists are never bare and are adorned in silver bangles. most of stevie's precious jewels are from her day's touring in europe during the 70's with her bandmates which has inspired much of her timeless style to this day. she's had jeweler henri david of Philly replicate some of these vintage finds. 
basically I bow down to you stevie. love yo style, love yo voice, love you.

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