Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yoshidog Photoshoot

For those of you who know me, you know that I am enamored with my 4-legged life partner Yoshi, and if you don't know me, I have a 6 year old beagle/jack russell/corgi/snozzberry/mutt that I rescued from the Spokane Valley animal shelter 3 years ago........she is my muse. Even though she has grumpy tendencies, dominance issues, is obsessive compulsive with food, and struggles with befriending other bitches, she is loyal, loving, laid back, and an excellent companion in return. Not to mention her modeling career has taken off by storm.

Sherlock Holmes

Chilly day at the Vikings game.

Thug Life

"Need more pearls!"

"I don't get enough treats for this."

I know what some of you are thinking......I did not entirely force Yoshi to model these outfits, no cruel action was taken, or deprivation of snacks. She was rewarded handsomely for being such a Turlington, not with treats (she's on a bit of a diet) but with loves. Look at that lush sheepskin she is resting on, queen B luxury right there. The idea behind these photos is to use them in my holiday Christmas cards that I have not yet made/sent out....whoopsies. I have 8 days left. Still good.  I don't usually dress Yoshi up, you can tell she is not amused by her facial expressions and stoned countenance. Well behaved, I know for a fact that she does indeed enjoy sporting a pashmina scarf when it is chilly out. I'm not a crazy dog lady -promise! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

cHOres/craFt dAy/cOin pUrSEs

Finally got a day off that I could devote to neglected household chores and getting crafty for Christmas. I usually make a majority of the presents I give away. More love and sentiment right? This year I felt somewhat stagnate for ideas. From Christmas' past, I've made gifts ranging from crocheted scarves, hand painted wine glasses, blankets, hair barrettes, earrings, earring holders, and even hand painted mail boxes. Over the last year I have collected several scraps of printed fashion fabrics....thinking that someday if I ever take up quilting, or made a million appliqué's, that they would come into use.  OR I could make tiny-to-medium sized coin purses! 
First of all I would like to stress my disappointment with how people have tried to phase out the coin purse. And what is this multi compartment wallet(just kidding). I understand that it is an additional object to add to your purse and if you are anything like me... constantly looking for ways to live a more simple life by minimizing the mass of objects burrowed in your purse, you may view the coin purse as wasted space in your precious bag of tricks, but let me assure you that there are infinite reasons as to why they are awesome, and why you need one! 

Reasons why you should use a coin purse:
1) Easier to dig through
2) Less wear and tear than using your wallet coin slot
3) Ease of transport/handy/fits in your pocket
4) Ideal for small fragile objects (lost earrings, hair ties, pins, etc.)
5) They are adorable!!!!!

What you will need:
Fabric scissors, fabric scraps (outside layer & lining/ 4pcs. total to make 1 coin purse), 7-9 in" zipper, ruler, marking pen, thread. 

To prepare for a gradual order of operations: measure out fabric rectangles for the lining and exterior of the coin purse, I purchased 7" zippers so a majority of my coin purses were 6 1/2" - 7 1/2" inches wide, and 5" - 6 1/2" inches in length.  
If you want to make custom coin purses, select prints/colors/designs that you know the gift receiver will like (obvious, but fun).

Prepared fabric pieces/ fashion fabric & lining with zippers.

Serge/ or zig zag stitch lining and fashion fabric pieces together, having the ugly sides face one another.
Measure a seam allowance for the zipper. I chose 1/2" inch and marked it with chalk on the right side of the fashion fabric. 

Press the marked seam allowance in towards the lining of the coin purse.

Position right sides of fabric on top of the right side of the zipper and stitch sides with a 1/4"-1/2" inch seam allowance. 

Press open seams

Voila! Flip right side out and press if needed.
Result = a precious little coin purse!

This was a very simple and quick project. For the next batch of coin purses I make, I will definitely add more design elements, for instance; more dimensions, possibly some buttons, pleats, patchwork, or ribbons, the possibilities are endless really. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

diY: Sunday Sugar Scrub

Do-it-yourself sugar scrubs! Tis' the season. Been getting my craft on for the holidays. Found a really simple-fun-delectible recipe for homemade sugar scrubs from petitElephant.

 This recipe is simple and just calls for regular cane sugar, brown sugar, olive oil, and vanilla extract. I wanted to jazz it up a notch and made a variety of different scrubs adding my own ingredients.
Measurement of each ingredient depends on the size of container you choose to keep the scrub in. An equal portion of brown sugar and cane sugar is ideal, whisk together, add olive oil (can be substituted with soy bean oil, coconut oil, baby oil, vitamin E oil, or all of the above), let oil settle down to bottom of container. You can stir concoction to speed up the process if you desire.

Sugar scrubs after olive oil has been added.

Peppermint Scrub:
Peppermint aroma therapy oil (2 drops)
Turbinado sugar
Brown sugar
Granulated cane sugar
Coconut oil
Vitamin E oil
Soybean oil
Olive oil
Vanilla Extract

Basil Lime:
Ground fresh basil
Lime juice
Lime zest
Brown sugar
Granulated cane sugar 
Turbinado sugar
Vitamin E oil
Coconut oil
Soybean oil
Olive oil
Vanilla Extract

Just a few concoctions I created to name a few. So much fun, really want to get into making perfumes now. To top it off add ribbon, fabric scraps, decorative paper, stickers, buttons, etc. and adorn each scrub to your liking. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

tRopICal butTerFLy hoUSe

Been going through some old photos on my memory card and regretfully haven't had the time to share my butterfly pictures I had taken at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, WA during spring break earlier this year. I highly recommend stopping by this world of wonder for an afternoon of time well spent interacting with educational displays, sea creatures, dinosaur models, and the Beatles laser show. Soo worth the $14. 

One thing I must mention about the Tropical Butterfly House is that they are very serious about you leaving your belongings at the front door before entering, they have to inspect you before leaving the terrarium to make sure that there aren't any stow away butterflies hiding on you. I made the mistake of leaving my camera in my purse at the entrance and had to go around multiple times to get inspected for runway butterflies, somewhat of an annoyance. Just a head's up for your visit.