Thursday, December 1, 2011

tRopICal butTerFLy hoUSe

Been going through some old photos on my memory card and regretfully haven't had the time to share my butterfly pictures I had taken at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, WA during spring break earlier this year. I highly recommend stopping by this world of wonder for an afternoon of time well spent interacting with educational displays, sea creatures, dinosaur models, and the Beatles laser show. Soo worth the $14. 

One thing I must mention about the Tropical Butterfly House is that they are very serious about you leaving your belongings at the front door before entering, they have to inspect you before leaving the terrarium to make sure that there aren't any stow away butterflies hiding on you. I made the mistake of leaving my camera in my purse at the entrance and had to go around multiple times to get inspected for runway butterflies, somewhat of an annoyance. Just a head's up for your visit.

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