Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yoshidog Photoshoot

For those of you who know me, you know that I am enamored with my 4-legged life partner Yoshi, and if you don't know me, I have a 6 year old beagle/jack russell/corgi/snozzberry/mutt that I rescued from the Spokane Valley animal shelter 3 years ago........she is my muse. Even though she has grumpy tendencies, dominance issues, is obsessive compulsive with food, and struggles with befriending other bitches, she is loyal, loving, laid back, and an excellent companion in return. Not to mention her modeling career has taken off by storm.

Sherlock Holmes

Chilly day at the Vikings game.

Thug Life

"Need more pearls!"

"I don't get enough treats for this."

I know what some of you are thinking......I did not entirely force Yoshi to model these outfits, no cruel action was taken, or deprivation of snacks. She was rewarded handsomely for being such a Turlington, not with treats (she's on a bit of a diet) but with loves. Look at that lush sheepskin she is resting on, queen B luxury right there. The idea behind these photos is to use them in my holiday Christmas cards that I have not yet made/sent out....whoopsies. I have 8 days left. Still good.  I don't usually dress Yoshi up, you can tell she is not amused by her facial expressions and stoned countenance. Well behaved, I know for a fact that she does indeed enjoy sporting a pashmina scarf when it is chilly out. I'm not a crazy dog lady -promise! 

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